Thursday, 6 February 2014

USA Job Creation News for January 2014

According to the Guardian

USA Labour force December participation rate hits lowest since 1978 - Just 74,000 new jobs were created in the US last month, according to the Non-Farm payroll. That's much smaller than economists had expected (the consensus was 197,000).

 A Reuters Survey on the payrolls report showed economists estimate that 185,000 jobs were in the last month, all of them in the private sector.

U.S. service sector growth, hiring improves in January

According to Market Watch

‘Stormy’ January jobs report tough to figure as unusually frigid month could distort hiring gains for second month in row.

The bad USA employment report in December, for example, was almost certainly the result of a cold winter. In January 2014 the winter was even worse — it’s one of most frigid Januarys on record.
Buses and truckers could not drive, airplane fights were grounded, construction crews were sent home and retailers experienced slower snow days. The cold winter storms make more people unemployed, reduce sales and cut revenue and cause companies to delay hiring.

The USA job market started to crumble in mid 2008 and continues its slow growth 5 and a half years later.

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