Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Understanding USA Job Requirements


Most of our information is directed to individuals, companies and organizations whose native language is not English.  We provide "ESL" English as a Second Language classes and English language learning resources.  For many "new" Americans learning English is step 1.

Looking for an Online Advertized USA Job Opening

We have selected Klout - this is the link to their careers page - http://klout.com/corp/careers .

I have signed up to Klout - created a profile and loaded in my social media profiles.  If I was age 22 to 35 with either a communications or programming background and an interest in social media - then I would look at Klout as a potential employer. This is what I would research to apply for a job at Klout.

Selecting the KEY JOB FACTORS on the Klout Careers page.

Open Job positions - lists what they are specifically looking for + job location.

Technology used at Klout:
Hadoop  Hbase  Hive Node Backbone Scala Play Elastic Search Mongo DB Redis Akka Flume Storm

Understanding the Company Klout

What does Klout do? - What is the science behind social media ?? - What is an open source tech stack? - What is a Kloutlaw?  - What is collaborating with Disney, Virgin, GM or P&G? -

Understanding the Personal Requirements

What is Staying Fueled? - What is a break? - What is staying fresh? - What is a trailblazers? - What is thinking outside the establishment? - What is a visionary team? - Can you work harder than anyone else? - What is tackling obstacles? - What is investing ourselves completely in the process? - What is trusting our teammates? - What is embracing our goals?

What English and USA Knowledge would I need to apply for a Job at a Company such as KLOUT

1. what open positions do they have
2. what technology expertise do they require - match to positions if possible
3. what personal qualities do they require
4. can I work as part of their team and mesh within their corporate environment

What is usually required to apply for a position such as listed at Klout?

 I would prepare a cover letter, resume, work portfolio and list of referrals.


If you are interested in USA jobs and you can not understand or perform all of the tasks necessary to apply or obtain your USA dream job because of low English language skills - we have online and in-person ESL classes available.  You can email me for additional information: james.ross.mcbride (at) gmail (dot) com

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