Tuesday, 9 April 2013

US News Ranks ESL Programs and Schools in USA

In the 2010 annual U.S. News survey, more than 600 colleges and universities reported that they offer ESL programs, and about 100 of the nationaly ranked schools reported the percentage of 2010 graduates who had participated in an ESL program.

ESL or English proficiency is a critical skill for international students to possess in order to succeed at colleges and helps them acclimate to life on a U.S. campus.

 At the University at Buffalo—SUNY, in New York state, 10 percent of seniors who graduated in 2010 had participated in ESL courses, the highest participation rates of any nationally ranked college that reported this data to U.S. News.

The English Language Institute  at the University at Buffalo also offers a variety of additional programming for international students who need help with their English skills, including a cultural orientation and a conversation partner program that pairs them with native English speakers.

School (State)         Percent of 2010 graduates who participated in ESL U.S. News rank
University at Buffalo—SUNY                 10%                   111, National Universities
La Roche College (PA)                             9%                        30 Regional colleges

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