Friday, 12 April 2013

Understanding Score Reports for Graduate Management Programs GMAT

If you designated graduate management programs to receive your scores, the schools will receive reports of your scores.

In addition to your GMAT verbal, quantitative, total, and analytical writing scores, a school’s report may contain copies of your essays. Results from your three most recent test administrations within the last five years are reported to the schools, including test administrations for which scores are not available because of absences or other circumstances.

The names of institutions that you have selected to receive your scores are not reported to other institutions.

If you want to send your scores to more schools, you can do so by requesting the additional score reporting service.

Validity of the Scores

The validity of graduate admission test scores can be described as the degree to which the scores relate to, or predict, a measure of performance in the graduate program itself.

The predictive validity of GMAT scores has been estimated by examining their relationship to first-year grades in graduate management programs.

Since 1978, the Graduate Management Admission Council has conducted many studies of the validity of GMAT scores and other preadmission measures through its Validity Study Service. In all the studies, GMAT scores, undergraduate grade point averages, and average grades for the first year of graduate work were obtained.

 When GMAT scores were combined with undergraduate grade point average, the median correlation was .47. These results indicate that, although GMAT scores are generally better than the undergraduate record for predicting average grades in the first year of graduate study, the best predictor is a combination of GMAT scores and undergraduate grade point average.

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