Thursday, 6 December 2012

Welcome to the Travel Language Culture Info Pages

Welcome to the Travel Language Culture Info Pages

Sponsored by ESL in Canada "English as a Second Language in Canada"

Are you studying in Canada and need some friendly assistance?
Do you need help with your travel plans, housing, shopping or just making new friends that you can study with? The free TLC information on this website can help you.

Do you need to keep in contact with friends while traveling?
TLC info can help you with the best telecommunications information and options available. See our How to shop information articles about telephones, cell phones, internet phones, land lines and wireless access.

ESL in Canada sponsors and organizes TLC language exchanges, special discount prices, events, activities, internships, work experience and educational programs and assists with information about schools, travel, immigration, employment, shopping, homestay and professional services.

TLC information is available for Canadians, new Canadians, visitors and international language students, teachers, homestay providers and language education suppliers.

FREE Toronto ESL Cafe conversation classes

The ESL English Cafe conversations are facilitated by volunteers. The volunteers have patience, enthusiasm, good-will towards all and some even have ESL teacher certification.

The ESL English Cafe conversation tables are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced language skill levels.

Conversation topics include current events, vacations, where to get stuff cheap, how to study, some politics, funny things about Canada, job training, career suggestions, where to go to school, how to get a job.

The FREE ESL English Cafe conversation sessions have operated at St Paul's for almost six years now and have helped adults, newcomers to Canada and students from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Ivory Coast and many other countries. You can meet new friends from around the world.

Come and visit us this Monday and say hello to the volunteers:
In the first picture: myself Tony, Poi, Shelia, David, Claude, Marois, Matt, and Dennis.

Go to our ESL Cafe Pictures Page to see additional pictures of our English classes and events.

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