Friday, 21 December 2012

Niagara Falls Work Experience Program

The Niagara Falls Work Experience Program includes:
six months of accommodation
three months of work experience
three months of ESL business English and English for hospitality careers

Business English Includes:
Business English pronunciation and accent reduction
Business English conversation skills for informal talks
Listening skills including telephone skills
Business English reading comprehension and reading strategies
Formal and informal business English writing skills
Business English for interviews with customers, suppliers, employees
Cultural awareness for "Western Style" business
Business English for negotiations, discussions and explanations
Business English presentation skills, including public speaking
Business English idioms, slang, jargon and expressions

Some additional Business English Education articles and study resources:

English Language Vocabulary for Resumes

English Language Vocabulary for Business Letters

English Vocabulary for Fixed Income Investments

English Vocabulary for Computers

English Vocabulary for E Business

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions About Canada

To obtain additional information about the work experience program go to:
Student Information and Pre-Registration Form

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