Saturday, 15 March 2008

Top 15 Goals for studying English as a Second Language

Top 15 Goals for studying English as a second language

Get hired at a first job
Be hired at a better company
Be promoted in your company
Immigrate into an English speaking country
Use English instructions for computer applications. Surf the net in English
Score 950 on the Toeic test or 280 on the new Toefl exam
Be admitted and study in a North American university.
Be admitted and study in a North American university graduate program.
Travel independently in English speaking countries.
As an Artist, perform for English speaking audiences
Enjoy entertainment produced by English speaking artists
Sell and market your products to English speaking countries
Be able to operate a business completely in English.
Publish an authoritative business, scientific journal article in English
Study English Literature in the original text

Goals are your motivation. What do you wish to accomplish with English as a second language? Studying English requires thousands of hours of real effort - you need motivation and endurance to succeed.

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